What To Give A Dog For Pain

Dog Pain Relief: Tricky Subject

When someone in your family is suffering from pain of any kind.. you know what to do. There are tablets you can give them.. like What to Give A Dog For Pain Reliefaspirin, ibuprofen, and what not for pain relief in humans. But what to give a dog for pain and swelling, if there is any? It’s really depressing seeing your poor dog being all inactive, not eating properly, licking paining joints, etc. These are all dog pain symptoms. How do I know that? My dear sweet little dog suffered from joint pains for quite a while.. worst part was, I had no idea that was it.

I knew something was wrong with my dog.. because he seemed to have lost his appetite all time, seemed inactive, didn’t play fetch, etc. All in all, my dog wasn’t just himself anymore. I took him to my vet and found out the problem was of arthritis, i.e. joint pain. I asked him what can I give my dog for pain, and he recommended some small dosage of normal aspirin. I was like, “what? Aspirin.. for dog?”. He insisted over the counter aspirin worked. I wasn’t sure that was what to give a dog for arthritis pain in particular.. but I took his word for it.. tried it, managed to get my dog to swallow recommended dosage.. but..

What followed wasn’t so good. My dog seemed to start going bit crazier than before.. He started sleeping too much.. yelling and crying bit more than before. I’m no dog health expert but it was obvious to me my dog was suffering from some adverse side effects of aspirin I gave to him, as per my vet’s advices. And trust me, these side effects were not pretty. My dog was obviously still having a difficult time with his health. The pain didn’t seem to get much better either, because he still kept licking his joints and didn’t walk much, and cried in pain.

What to Give A Dog For Pain Relief, then?

Finally, one friend of mine who is studying masters in veterinary came to my rescue. I asked him the same question that I asked my previous doc: what to give my dog for pain? And he told me about one interesting “dog pain relief” product. I didn’t know if it would work, but it turned out to be quite useful, in fact. Here’s the link to it:

What To Give A Dog For Pain (Product) : Official Site

I wasn’t sure about it at first, especially because I didn’t want my dog to go through any more side effects like he did with aspirin and could with other prescription meds like ibuprofen and rimadyl. This one seemed different, however. This wasn’t a hardcore medicine. This product was more of a “supplement”.

My friend told me.. The best answer to what to give a dog for pain, a question he encountered many times, would be this: “something that would fix the dog’s nutrition (the root cause of pain or lack of immunity)“. The same goes for the question of what to give a dog for injury.. as in, to minimize pains due to any injury. He explained to me.. if your canine is suffering from arthritis, joint pains, or any common pain.. much like humans.. it’s because the diet & food intake isn’t as nutritious as it needs to be, causing the dog’s body not to have any resistance to harmful diseases, inflammations and the like that result to pain etc.

what can i give my dog for painOften times we just buy dog food for our dog and don’t think much beyond that .. about his/her health. Many also fail to notice dog pain symptoms I described above. While that same old dog food thing works out for most of us at first.. every dog is different, so is their immunity to diseases. But ultimately all that matters is how well the body of dog is functioning. Even when it’s matter of a puppy, and people are wondering what to give a puppy for pain.. To make sure he is free of diseases/pain, is active, and happy as we love our dogs to be.. this is your answer. Fill the gaps left in nutrition. Since you can’t fix diet overnight to see positive results in overall health, a good nutritional supplement for dogs is not a bad idea, especially ones that directly address the issue of pain, dog arthritis, and so on.

So, bottom line is.. if you’re wondering what to give a dog for pain relief, be careful with the prescription medicines.. while they may work for some in specific conditions, they tend to have too many side effects (most of them undesirable), so you gotta be well-aware. It’s still a risk. Much safer bet.. and healthy option for your dog would be finding him a supplement that actually gives the dog’s body exactly that it needs.

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