Using Foam Rollers

A foam roller or a physio roller is a tool created from synthetic foam rubber used by Self-Myofascial release. Foam rollers give the same service as an effective massage only that it will be free.

They stretch muscles and tendons while wearing down soft tissue adhesion. Other advantages of using a foam roller include splitting up trigger points, soothing tight fascia and increasing blood flow and circulation for the tissues.

Ways to use a foam roller

Making use of a roller is simple but working out some parts in the body might have to have a small amount of practice.

Get an open area and position your whole body on the top of the roller. The body mass will create the stress needed to massage and releases the tight spots in the fascia. Fascia is often a soft connective tissue located just under the skin and it helps wrap and connect the muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels to the body. Not stretching enough or having injuries may cause the fascia to stick together. You will be able to control the pressure by applying more or less of the body weight on the roller.

Which Foam Roller to Get?

The following video will help you with that!

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