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TrustedExpertsReviews began as a small idea that was envisioned for one thing: unleashing the truths of overhyped products, and bringing in consumers’ notice of what works and what doesn’t. After more than almost two years of its establishment, TER has now evolved into a major “trusted” resource. It would not have been possible without the consistent efforts of our staff members.

Anish Girdhar: the CEO and founder of TER who started this project as “just another online blog”. Then, he soon found out he was onto something big, and started treating this project as a proper online community. This proved to be one of the smartest decisions in his entrepreneurial life.

Maddie Diamond: Co-manager of TER. Has worked as an online journalist before for some of the top online commercial publications. She also early on realised this project had a great potential and started investing her time in it regularly. TER would never have been what it has got to today without her efforts and inputs.

Kurt Barnes: Writer

Margaret Fallon: Writer

Steven Cottingham: Writer

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