Online Dating: Should You Sign Up?

Number of online dating sites out there has increased quite significantly lately. Some of them just require paid membership and don’t even have real members! But fortunately, that kind of junk is easy to recognise. There are some decent online sites as well.

One thing is certain. Online dating isn’t all that easy. It’s like publishing a “dating resume”, like you would publish a C.V. on a job site! It can be hard to understand what to write and what not to, who to message, how to respond, when to meet in person, and so on. But don’t be discouraged. There are benefits of it too.

What I find the best is that participants can easily mention what type of person they’re looking for, and what kind of person they themselves are.  And it doesn’t matter whether you find the one you’re looking for or not, because you’ll still probably make some new friends this way, at the very least.

Some high quality online dating sites  require participants to subscribe to their websites. The good thing about those online dating services that are run by subscription, is that their members are assessed before joining.

Aspiring members are asked to file an application, and are required to meet the guidelines, and requirements that are set by the online dating service. Some online dating services are more discerning than others. A few selected online dating services even require their members to be prescreened before joining. This is done for the safety of the participants. In return, subscribers are asked to make a monthly payment.

Subscribers are often asked to create a profile that relates basic information about themselves. Usually this includes: age, gender, nationality, and place of residence.

For subscribers this also offers them a chance to express themselves. They can get creative with their profiles. They can also include personal information like hobbies, interests, and specify the type of person they are looking for.


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