Electric Space Heaters

When the temperature falls, we all need a decent home heating solution to keep ourselves warm. There are a ton of kinds of electric space heaters available in the market, deciding which heater out of a ton of available electric space heaters to go for can be a daunting task. In this article, I’ve organized a list of electric space heaters that I personally recommend, after having researched and tested a wide variety of such heaters.

iHeater: Best Of All The Electric Space Heaters?

I explained very clearly in a previous article about an Amish Heater, that iHeater remains my most favourite electric space heater to date. The top reasons are:

  • It’s pretty energy efficient.

    Electric Space Heaters

    iHeater 1500

  • The warmth it provides is great. Can cover an area of around 1500 ft sq. The warmth you get is warm enough but not uncomfortable in any way.
  • Very portable and super easy to take it to other rooms, etc. Rollers are included.
  • Safe enough. Can never catch fire (like coil-based heaters). Automatically switches off if knocked over for extra protection.

Grace, an iHeater user, mentioned in consumer reports,

“Since using iHeater I have noticed that my nose is not all dried up like what would happen with the home heaters I previously had. Obviously infrared heaters do not take all the moisture out of the air like other electric heaters. I am doubly happy. I will never buy anything other than an electric infrared heater.”



iHeater is available with a special discount online at the moment. You can get it for around $279 by clicking here to visit official site and filling in the details on the page. If I’m not mistaken, the retail price of it is $499, so you could possibly save around $220 if you buy online instead of from a store. For the price, you get a great deal considering all the features are almost perfect, if not ‘perfect’.

Bionaire BFH5000-UM Electric Fireplace Heater

This is a beautiful, simple yet efficient electric fireplace heater, which is why I just had to include it my compilation of Electric Space Heaters. Here are some key points regarding this electric space heater:

  • Bionaire Electric Space Heaters The visual effect (the flames) look nice, though not very lifelike.
  • The electric fireplace heater fits in any space easily without hassles.
  • The heat it generates is pretty good. Out of hundreds of other consumers’ detailed reviews I’ve read, not a single one complained about the warmth you get.
  • Comes with a remote control, which is just fantastic. You even get lots of options.
  • Also has a crackling burning wood sound – the volume, of which, can be controlled with remote.
Over all, it’s an appealing heater that does everything you’d want a typical electric space heater to do, but with a couple of additional features.
Lowest Price: $150 – Click to Order from Amazon (Discount of around $149)

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy Indoor-Safe Portable Heater

It’s a highly portable and effective heater. Of all other portable electric space heaters I’ve seen, this one to me feels the most comfortable to use. The heat is convenient, and it is a very reliable on the whole. It’s an indispensable tool around the house. Running it for just 15 minutes in a cold room would turn the room into a pleasantly warm and toasty place.Electric Space Heater

A consumer, Rosin R., said,

“I’m amazed to say the sides & bottom remained cool to the touch (“cool” as in room temp) after a full hour of use. Of note: it didn’t heat a glass of cold water touching its side. Indeed, the LP can on the other side got cold enough to attract condensate! No gas smell during use.”

All in all, you can be well assured this portable electric space heater works perfectly fine and it does really heat up the room even on low settings.

Lowest Price: $90 – Click to Order from Amazon (Discount of $53.55)


There you have it. Three electric space heaters that I personally very strongly recommend. You’ll notice each of the three seem pretty different – but I intentionally handpicked to review best-of-each-main-type I could possibly find (for example, iHeater is an Infrared Space Heater, while Bionaire BFH5000 is an electric fireplace, and Mr. Heater is a small portable one – See how different each is?).

Anyhow, as I’ve already mentioned, my top recommendation for anyone wanting a highly effective and efficient space heater that can heat sufficient area, would have to be iHeater. I believe the discounts available on the official site is for a limited time, so don’t miss it out. I hope you found the electric space heaters reviews useful!

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