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Using Foam Rollers

A foam roller or a physio roller is a tool created from synthetic foam rubber used by Self-Myofascial release. Foam rollers give the same service as an effective massage only that it will be free. They stretch muscles and tendons while wearing down soft tissue adhesion. Other advantages of using a foam roller include splitting […]

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Skin Tag Removal At Home

Remove Skin Tags Naturally, Painlessly & Without Surgery I had a skin tag a few weeks ago, and several friends asked me how I got rid of it in just a week. And what urged me to write it on the blog is a reader question. The question I received was this: “how do I remove […]

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Hair Loss Causes & Tips

Hair Loss: Cause of Concern? Do you find stuck hair on your comb when you brush them? Do you seem to be dropping hair while you’re asleep or when you’re showering? If so, chances are you may be suffering from a condition called alopecia, which is characterized by hair loss that can be partial, total, […]

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Study: Running Prolongs Life Expectancy

Running seems to increase life expectancy of both men and women, says the Copenhagen City Heart Study presented at the meeting EuroPRevent2012. The study’s author, Peter Schnohr, explained that running about “one or two hours a week is associated with significant benefits in terms of increase in life span”. “The results of our research allowed us […]

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Natural Health Supplements

Do You Need Natural Health Supplements? More and more new chemical as well as natural health supplements seem to be surfacing in the health market lately. We all need energy and a good health, after all don’t we? And we often don’t get our entire nutrition requirements from our diet alone. Only a few of […]

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Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews

Stop Snoring Without Surgery or CPAP! Do the people who sleep near you complain they can’t sleep because of your snoring? Do you wake up tired and energyless? Are you looking for a safe AND effective way to end snoring?  You’ve probably heard of some anti-snoring solutions like Snoring Mouthpieces, but finding the perfect anti-snoring solution for […]

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Dog pain relief

Aspirin for Dogs

Dog Pain Relief: Want your dog to be ACTIVE? If your dog is experiencing any sort of muscular or joint pain, and are looking for an ‘aspirin for dogs’ as a muscle pain relief in dogs solution, you’re reading just the right article. Dogs are adorable and wonderful pets. I have a dog myself, and […]

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Safe & Effective Fitness Supplments

“A New Healthy You” If you want to stay healthy, use of right fitness supplements can be important. For sure, a perfect diet and exercise are the major keys to maintaining a great health, but some effective fitness supplements & protein powders can help you fully ensure your fitness levels stays healthy and diseases don’t […]

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Foods that help constipation

Foods that Help Constipation

Constipation Help Constipation, or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is a very discomforting disorder. There are several natural ways to get rid of it – eating foods that help constipation is one of them. Most of the medicinal treatments available for IBS today can have some negative side effects on your health. It’s much better if […]

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garmin heart rate monitor review

Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Review

Is Garmin Heart Rate Monitor worth buying? Is it a good extension to your Garmin GPS device? Read our in-depth pros and cons that we conclude from practical analysis and testing of the product. Pros of Garmin Heart Rate Monitor (305 GPS Forerunner) This Heart Rate Monitor pretty much has all the features you’d expect […]

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