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Why you need THE best eCommerce Platform

best ecommerce platformThe eCommerce platform you choose will play a very critical role in your small business’ web presence. Get it wrong, and you’ll lose significant amount of profits. How? Well, we’re living in an age in which people keep on buying products after products online. You know what that tells you? That it’s a very lucrative opportunity for small business owners, like yourself, to provide these hungry buyers just what they ‘need’ and most ‘desire’. But what’s most important is keeping them satisfied. You do need excellent technical and human resources for that. Having the best eCommerce platform for your business will also give you an edge over your competitors.

Here are a few reasons why choosing the best ecommerce platform is crucial for your business:

  • A web presence is extremely critical for any business – Internet is FULL of hungry buyers looking for new and good products.
  • Your eCommerce platform will form the basis of how your prospects purchase from you.
  • If buyers find technical issues and can’t figure out how to buy easily, they’ll immediately hit the back button and find another another product to buy. There’s no lack of amount of products available. Competition is tough. A powerful user friendly eCommerce platform will ensure your buyers have no hesitation in buying from you.
  • A good platform will also ensure best Search Engine Optimization for your online business, helping you rank well in Search Engines like Google, so that when someone searches for problems that your products can fix, YOU stand right in front of them.

… There are many more, but you get the idea. Now let’s get to the main core of the article and review a platform that we recommend.

So, what is the best eCommerce Platform out there?

We, at TrustedExpertsReviews, have tested many eCommerce platforms, like goEmerchant, Yahoo Merchant, Shopify, and more. But the one that we liked the most was Blueclick eCommerce. Blueclick offers two packages: Basic and Advanced eCommerce. Let’s get to the specifications and features now.

What BlueClick eCommerce Platform Gives You

Blueclick Basic eCommerce Platform is perfect for anyone just getting started with building business online and doesn’t require too advanced resources. Compared to alternatives, I’d say the basic package is dirt cheap. Basic eCommerce package offers:

  • Site design you get is very professional and clean.
  • Free host and domain registration setup. Have had no downtime in a long while.
  • Straightforward and easy self-editing tools available. Even a kid can use them to produce great results.
  • Literally countless royalty-free images & graphics available for commercial use, which could generally cost even more than total price of the package.
  • Newsletter subscriptions so you can build e-mail lists and leverage e-mail marketing.
  • Search Engine and Google places submission & optimization.
  • Good logo design (along with phone consultation with designer).
  • Excellent tech support.

There are many more, actually. The best thing is I found that their service really gives you exactly what they say. I don’t know about you, but that’s something I really like.

eCommerce Platform

Basic and Advanced eCommerce packages

Like already mentioned, there are two available packages – Basic and advanced. The advanced package costs $65 more than the basic one. In advanced, you also receive these additional features along with all that of basic’s:

  • Photogallery and slideshow software
  • Online Marketing plan done by their experienced digital marketing experts.
  • A dedicated project co-ordinator.
  • Unlimited products and diskspace (compared to 50 MB as in basic package).
  • Access to their advanced Blueclick eCommerce software.
… Among others.

Which package to buy, and how?

Now, all in all, I highly recommend Blueclick eCommerce  Platform for their excellent services. As I’ve already  explained, if you want to sell products online and attract prospects, you’ve got to have top resources  to ensure proper functionality of your business; so don’t be hesitant to invest as much as you need to on the best eCommerce platform you can get. Blueclick very well passed all our quality tests and we feel it’s well worth the price.

I’ll let you decide which package you want yourself. I do recommend you go with advanced one IF you haven’t invested much already in your online business and marketing plans, however. That’s mainly because you are not going to need anything much again once you get Blueclick to do all your Online Marketing plans, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and so on. But, if you can’t afford to invest 65 extra bucks (which is a small investment compared to what you’re getting, by the way), basic package is fairly fine too. You can find detailed explanations of the packages from their official site, click on one of the two:

– Click here to find out more and sign up for Blueclick Basic Package –

– Click here to find out more and sign up for Blueclick Advanced Package –

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