My Amish Heater Sucked!

The Little Known Truths about Amish Heaters

Amish Heaters have been popular from quite a long while. Heater manufacturers have put together an electric fireplace-like heater, termed it as “miracle heaters”, and sold to the american people, but just how efficient are these Amish heaters ? That’s the topic of today’s blog post. First, I’d like to explain more about what they actually seem like. They’re essentially space heaters that seem like real fires, enclosed in a case of real wood hand-crafted Amish mantle piece. Below, you’ll find my review of HeatSurge Amish Heater where I’ve outlined the pros and cons.

What Made Me Dislike My Amish Heater?

Pros: Trust me, I have a lot of negative things to say about Amish Heaters, but I always like to start off with positive notes.  First, aesthetically, these can be appealing and unique. Even though HeatSurge Amish Heaters’ fires aren’t too realistic, some similar heaters (mentioned below) do have good flame effects. The case seems to be a good addition.

Amish Heaters

Secondly, the heat is OK. The high-end ones can indeed produce enough heat as you’d want. Amish heaters are generally fairly small (not all, though) and portable.

Cons: I’ve got a long list of things I disliked about the Amish Heater I’ve owned in past. Here are a few main ones:

  • False claims from companies:. they’re advertised as “Miracle heater”s. From my testing and research, they are no more miraculous than any other space heaters I’ve used before.
  • No Thermostat: In most, thermostats are not included, and so they can be hard to control.
  • Quite expensive in the long run: Get ready to pay big bills at the end of month if you decide to own one of these. Advertisers claimed they’ll cut down your expenses. Absolute B.S.! Only way you can save money with it is turn down the heat in rest of your house.
  • Virtual fires are merely waving backgrounds: There are a few Amish-inspired heaters (NOT from HeatSurge) with realistic flames (like Dimplex DFI2309), but most such as that of HeatSurge aren’t very realistic. You can see they’re mere waving backgrounds.
I may have missed a few, but I hope you get the idea. Amish heaters are more of decorative pieces than great home/room heating solutions. I would’ve been less disappointed with Amish Heaters if their advertising claims weren’t so hyped up and salesy. So yeah, if you saw an ad of Amish Heaters or something and had high hopes – sorry to burst your bubble but it may not actually quite be what you expected. But don’t be disappointed, because I’ve decided to include in this article the heating solution that I personally use – happily!

FAR better alternative than Amish Heaters

After being disappointed with Amish Heaters, I decided to look and research further and find a good heater for my home – something that’d help me reduce heating costs, provide enough heat and still be aesthetically nice. One morning I saw a newspaper ad of iHeater, and decided to give it a test. My experience with it has been… pretty  interesting!

Why I think iHeater is Better than Amish Heaters

Do I like my iHeater more than my previous Amish Heater? Damn right I do. In my opinion, wasting money on Amish Heaters isn’t worth it when you can get a far better, and more energy efficient heater that’ll give you all the warmth you need. Here are the details, to list a few points:

  • Exactly as advertised: It can cut down your electricity bill pretty significantly. I’m not statistically sure of percentage-wise iHeater vs. Amish Heatersreduction of my home, but iHeater owners I’ve talked to told me it helped them reduce electricity bill quite considerably. I’m yet to find a heater more energy efficient but still effective in heating as iHeater is.
  • Very compact and portable (rollers included to move easily): It’s incredible how such a compact machine can be so efficient at heating, and still do it completely safely as you’d want it to. Just the small output area gets “hot”.
  • It’ll help you keep your home warm efficiently (1100 sq. feet for sure). The heat is pretty comfortable too – neither too hot nor cool. Warm is just the right word for it.
  • Looks appealing too. Cabinet is made of ABS material, which is “virtually indestructible”.

Over all, great deal for great price. I got it for around $300 if I remember correctly. You get great heating comfortability and efficiency, electricity costs get reduced,  lifetime built-in air-filters that are washable, there’s a warranty, etc.

Where to Buy iHeater

There are a few scamming sites on the web selling flawed, or ‘not-genuine’ crappy heaters in name of iHeaters, so I’d strongly advise you order it from their official site only. On their site, just fill in your information (which is kept safe) and it’ll be shipped to you within 7-10 days. Also, if you order from the link below you’ll get a warranty and a special discount (it’s more expensive on other vendors like Amazon).

Click here to order iHeater with a special warranty

Also feel free to share your opinions on iHeater and Amish Heaters below in comments.

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